Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter from Warren Buffett

I have had a wonderful six-year journey as dean of the Graduate School of Management. This trip has taken me many places both metaphorical and real, some of which I have blogged about during the past few years. I have met many people... some famous, some inspirational, and some interesting for one reason or another.

As I end my time in the dean's office this week to return to the faculty I have received wonderful comments about my time as dean. While I have surely played a role, it is the larger community of the School that deserves praise - the faculty who teach rigorous and relevant classes, the students who challenge themselves and each other, alumni who support our efforts in many ways, and the staff who somehow make it all work.

Still it is pretty special to be noticed by someone who is famous, inspirational AND interesting. Here's the letter that Warren Buffett sent to me this week:

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